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pkg++ is a very modular packaging tool that can be used both from the command-line or from scripts. This part of the documentation will deal mostly about pkg++’ Moonscript API, which exposes all of pkg++’ features, from reading recipes to building packages and repositories.

Being written in Moonscript, that API is also available in Lua (after a call of require "moonscript"), but the details of using Moonscript code from Lua are not the purpose of this document.

Basic usage

Most people reading this document will be interested mostly in reading recipes and building packages. The following example code does just that.

pkgxx = require "pkgxx"

context = with pkgxx.newContext!

    .packageManager = "dpkg"
    .distribution = "Debian"

    .packagesDirectory = os.getenv "HOME"

    recipe = with \openRecipe "package.toml"


What this example does is basically the following:

  • Create and configure a pkg++ Context.
  • Create and fill-in a Recipe.
  • Build everything.
  • Close the context (which closes and remove temporary files).

This example uses the short and simple API, which automates most of the detailed operations going on. For example, the call to loadModules loads all pkg++ modules in the system. This provides support for most package managers and features users will want, but if for some reason you desire to have a minimal and completely controlled environment, loading modules by hand (or even creating them dynamically!) remains possible.

See also

pkgxx.newContext (...) Context

Wrapper around Context.

Return values